Five powerful core principles underline everything I do: DISCOVER, EMBRACE, REFRAME, PERSIST and RECHARGE.

I’ve developed these principles since 2006; working with my clients and watching lives transform. These principles inspired Change Your Life in 5 and lie behind the format and content of all my videos, my 1:1 coaching programmes and my online course which is launching next year. If you genuinely want to change your life now or one day in the future; one day when you’ve had enough of being unfulfilled and drowning in daily chores; these principles will guide and hold you to success.


Does life feel meaningless?
Are you constantly anxious?
Do you feel disconnected from your loved ones?
Being stuck in a rut is bad for your mental health (and is it really the way you want to feel for the next X amount of years?). There seems no purpose to your days.  You feel like a robot; just going through the motions.  Your smile never reaches your eyes.

If you’ve forgotten who you are, what you want and where you want to be, it’s time to get some clarity.

Take time to listen to your inner voice and identify what’s important to you.

You can rediscover your core values, revive your life’s purpose and create a future which will make you happy today and every day.

You deserve to live a life you’ve chosen.


Are you living a pared-down life?
Do you have more regrets than dreams?
Are you standing in your own way?
Sometimes late at night you think about the life you wish you had. The job that got away (you were too scared to apply). That holiday of lifetime; still just on Pinterest. Those abandoned health kicks, exercise programmes, hobbies, friends….

Fear is stopping you having a rich, fulfilling life. Fear is telling you you’re not good enough, you can’t… you shouldn’t. So, you don’t.

Take time to listen and make friends with your fear. It’s part of you. But only by knowing it can you take away its power.

What would you do if you weren’t so scared?


Does your mind churn out negative thoughts?
Are you stuck in a destructive way of thinking and can’t see a way out?
Does your life seem bleak?
You’re mindlessly going through the motions every day. Life has robbed you of your joy. You can’t remember the last time you felt positive and looked forward to your future.

You don’t have to feel like this. And you don’t need to try and change alone.

You can open and try on new, more positive, ways of thinking. You can kick-start your brain into feeling more positive again. Turn away from the wall and feel the sun on your face. Connect with the older, wiser you that’s buried under the pain. Retrain your mind to new ways of thinking, behaving and living.

Take time to learn new ways of thinking about your life so you can feel happier and more likely to make good choices.


Is your daily behaviour making you sad?
Do you spend more time beating yourself up than enjoying yourself?
Does your inner critical voice have a sore throat from so much nagging?
When your New Year’s resolution has been the same for a decade, you need to change your approach. Tomorrow is another day, but the best time to start any change programme is right now!

Huge change has no chance of sticking without a plan, accountability and rewards. You need a vision; small, incremental changes and a timeline with targets to keep you on track. Your goals are within reach; you just need some support; and some basic information about neuroscience so you can understand what’s going on inside that brain of yours.

Take time to gently introduce positive habits and change your life for the better.


Does the slightest setback leave you floored?
Do you feel on edge; ready to fight or run but unable to relax?
Do you yearn for a long lie-down in a dark room?
You’re constantly stressed but you don’t know what to do about it. You keep on saying “yes” to everything that everyone asks you so you’re time poor and exhausted. Looking after you is at the bottom of your mile-long list.

Do you ever take the time to just breathe? To look up from your to-do lists and be present in your surroundings?

It’s time to look after your mind, body and spirit and give yourself the present of resilience so you can live and change your life.