Work with me 1: 1 and I will design a coaching programme tailored to your needs. To begin with, we can meet in my coaching space in Central London or over Skype, and I will coach you for 90 minutes. Some people come to me for 90 minutes, and that’s all they need. Others need longer-term coaching. If this feels like a fit for both of us then we will discuss further.

If we do decide to work together, during your sessions I will be your private coach either face to face or virtually. Together, we’ll go through the five core principles: Discover, Embrace, Reframe, Persist and Recharge. You’ll have individual coaching sessions, unlimited support and tasks set between sessions so you’ll be held accountable for changing your life. I’ll be with you every step of the way; challenging and stretching you while gently holding and encouraging you.



Before you get in touch with me please have a think about these questions, and then answer them when first contacting me by email

What is your current situation and how does it feel?

How is your current situation impacting on you and your loved ones?

How long have you felt like this?

What do you want to achieve through coaching?